Contamination Cleaning

Aventa Group offers contamination cleaning for your work place, targeting surfaces and inaccessible areas using a broad spectrum disinfectant process to kill virus and bacteria.

Aventa Group is able to treat any work place. We have completed treatments in Offices, Shopping Centres, Retail Stores, Child Care Centres, Apartment Block Common Areas and more.

  1. If there has been a confirmed case of Covid-19
  2. If there is suspected case of Covid-19
  3. Proactive maintenance for peace of mind – keeping staff, clients and the community safe.

Our trained Contamination Technicians perform this service using 3 methods;

  1. Fogging machines are used to treat internal areas, which disperses microscopic droplets of disinfectant allowing a blanket treatment reaching non accessible areas.
  2. External Areas are treated with a back pack pressure sprayer to cover large areas effectively.
  3. Spray and wipe method on high use touch points such as light switches, lift buttons, door handles, keyboards and desks.

Watch this video to see how we keep workplaces and public areas safe.

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